Mrs. Geetu Dhall, M/o Tisha Dhall

Since the time she has started schooling with SHEMROCK, she has gained a lot. Her communication skills, mannerisms, habits, overall nature and confidence has increased many folds.

Mrs. Nidhi Goyal, M/o Sarthak Goyal

Sarthak has started adjusting with the new people. Earlier he was very shy but after joining SHEMROCK he has starting taking interest in the outdoor activities with other people and other children also.

Mr. Bhushan Dhingra, F/o Priya Dhingra

Our child had achieved a lot after joining SHEMROCK, she has showed so much of positive change in her, her personality have groomed in this one year.

Mr. Sushil Arora, F/o Niyati Arora

My child has adjusted well in SHEMROCK. Her school has given her lot of confidence as my child is able to express her feelings fluently.

Dr. Tripti Arora, M/o Uttkarsh Arora

With his teacher’s friendly behavior & affection uttkarsh is gradually trying to adjust to his daily routine to go to school & stay there away from home.